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You’re having a great weekend in Vegas. You stroll up to a roulette table and, feeling lucky, you decide to take out $100. You certainly don’t want to put it all on one number so you spread some around. And lose. Over the next four spins you proceed to lose it all. But now you get the hang of it. So you take out another $100. This time you spread it around more. You try the big numbers and the small numbers, alternate between black and red, and even try placing a bet on zero. In a short while, you’re out $200 and all the time and energy was wasted.

At the other end of the table you notice a woman recording the results of every spin on a notepad, carefully placing just a handful of bets, and WINNING! You’re interested so you ask the natural question. What are you doing differently? She says her name is Jessica and she is using the data she collects from every spin to determine where she will place her next bet.

Monday morning, back at your office, you sort through the dozen resumes on your desk and schedule interviews. You hire six of the eight that actually showed up. Might as well take a shot. After all, you’ve got jobs to fill. Six months later only two of the six are still there and one really needs to go - if you can figure out how to fire him without being sued. You’ve spent all that time, energy, and resources to only have one good hire out of twelve candidates.

Jessica is also back at her office and also has a dozen resumes to review. She sends each candidate a Behavioral Assessment to complete. Of the 12, five fit the Job Assessment well and one was just right for another role she had been trying to fill. She interviewed the six that fit the job and hired four of them. Six months later, all four are thriving and one is on the fast track for management. Jessica used Data and Analytics to win in hiring just like she did in roulette.

When you’re ready to stop gambling away your resources and you’re ready to start hiring, Predictive Group can help! Predictive Group is a certified partner of Predictive Index. We are experts in people strategy and talent optimization. If you need help with Selection and Onboarding, Retention and Advancement, Leadership Pipeline, or Team Performance Predictive Group is the answer.

Brian Gelt

Senior Associate

Predictive Group

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